Video Integration

Integrate your business systems, calls-to-action, polls and forms 'into' your marketing videos.

Interactive Video

Increase engagement by more than 90% and get your message across quicker with interactivity.

Personalised Video

Create greater personal appeal to your video's with your prospect's name and photo dynamically 'in' the video.

Geo Localised Video

Market directly to your prospects dynamically based on their current Geo Location.

What are VideoKardz?

They are essential for you to be noticed and known.

Videokardz are creators, aggregators and integrators of original digital content aimed at helping small businesses that want to gain the attention they need, to expand their online presence and market share, at an affordable price.

Our templates are created by the worlds leading video technicians and animators who are recognized experts in their field and in the use of the latest state of the art video technology.

Using VideoKardz and our videos to promote your businesses is SUPER SMART.

With 72% of top marketers claiming content creation as their most effective SEO tactic, your content could be letting you down.

Videos make up a large proportion of online content for promotion, being markably more impactful than still images.

Fancy a piece of the action?

VideoKardz really are the future of video marketing and, if you are a business user, you are about to leave your opposition's marketing efforts left standing in their tracks.

Because in 2023 and beyond, the currency you are looking for isn't simply cash...

It's attention.

And nothing else grabs and holds that attention for you better than the combination of top class animated video and leading edge, mind-blowing, interactivity - including dynamic personalised video and dynamic localised video.

Don't forget to ask us too, about our dynamically personaled video eMail campaigns that are proven to substantially multiply your success rate.

Or, as a personal user with your own web site, what a better way to create a sensational career rocketing resume, a holiday postcard, or even a video wedding album that can be viewed and enjoyed for many years to come?

You will only be limited by your own imagination.

Do yourself a favour, and take the time to fully investigate the many ways that we can make your video's stand out and work for you, then get your own creative juices working and let us show you how we can bring them to life.

We take the time and invest the money to stay on the leading edge and become experts specialising in the understanding and maximisation of use of third party video products on your behalf, so that you don't have to spend the same time and effort yourself.

You don't have to be held up by the glitches and developing the work arounds because we have already been there.

You don't have to push the envelope to get the very best and seemingly almost impossible outcomes, because quite frankly, that is one of the things that we do best - always pushing and striving for something better.

That is why, so many groundbreaking techniques are exclusive to us and we achieve the outstanding results that we do.

If you are still unsure about the incredible value of video marketing, please check out our 'Why Video?' page for more details.

Or better yet, contact us direct and let's talk now about your marketing painpoints, issues and needs so that we can tailor a plan especially for you, without any cost or obligation to you.

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