Video Integration

Integrate your business systems, calls-to-action, polls and forms 'into' your marketing videos.

Interactive Video

Increase engagement by more than 90% and get your message across quicker with interactivity.

Personalised Video

Create greater personal appeal to your video's with your prospect's name and photo dynamically 'in' the video.

Geo Localised Video

Market directly to your prospects dynamically based on their current Geo Location.

What are Facebook Page Header Videos?

Differentiation and attention for your Facebook Pages.

VideoKardz really are the future of video marketing and, if you are a business user, you are about to leave your opposition's marketing efforts left standing in their tracks.

Because in 2022 and beyond, the currency you are looking for isn't simply cash…

It's attention.

And where is there a better place to differentiate yourself and grab admiring attention than on your Facebook page?

These video's are shot with a wider panorama than our standard videos, and while they are delivered to you in full HD 1080p resolution, they have a special top and bottom section that will scaled by Facebook once loaded to fit perfectly into the top banner area of your page.

Do yourself a favour, and take the time to fully investigate the many ways that we can make your video's stand out and work for you, then get your own creative juices working and let us show you how we can bring them to life.

You will only be limited by your own imagination.

Case Studies

An eye for detail makes our works excellent.

Header - Everything on sale
Header - Everything on sale
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Retail: US$486.00, Member: US$365.00, Package: US$252.00
The Perfume
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