Video Integration

Integrate your business systems, calls-to-action, polls and forms 'into' your marketing videos.

Interactive Video

Increase engagement by more than 90% and get your message across quicker with interactivity.

Personalised Video

Create greater personal appeal to your video's with your prospect's name and photo dynamically 'in' the video.

Geo Localised Video

Market directly to your prospects dynamically based on their current Geo Location.

What are Logo Stings and Reveals?

The perfect studio-grade start or memorable ending.

Have you heard about the exceptional results being gained by others and are thinking about using video to greatly boost your marketing efforts - but don't quite know where or how to start?

Are you put off or frightened by the possible high cost, too afraid to ask or never seem to get the time to really find out more?

Perhaps you would like to ease into it, but don't want to have to face pushy agencies who are trying to get you to spend beyond your means before you can see some real and meaningful return on your investment?

You see others in your industry using video marketing and powering ahead of you and you feel frustrated and overwhelmed that you just can't do the same.

Well, there is perhaps no easier and more cost effective method to get started than our logo centric video stings and reveals. You can start with an investment of less than $50 and the video is yours to keep and use for ever, where ever, how ever and as many times as you want to. You are even covered by our 100% Performance Guarantee.

Plus, these are high-touch, professional, studio-quality animations that used to only be possible with AfterEffects.

As a serious business owner, you know that one of the most important things that you needed to do on start up was to put a name and a face to your business.

Whether that name is your real name or a devised business name, it needs to be something that is relevant to your business and one that people can associate you with.

Building your name or brand also includes associating the nature of your business and the products and services that you produce, so that when people are looking for a similar product or service to what you produce, your name or brand readily comes to mind as the preferred provider.

Over the longer term, this series of associations eventually leads to the building of your business's own reputation and status.

One of the greatest ways to tie all of these relationships and associations together is through the development and consistant widespread use of, an easily recognisable logo. Often it's the logo that first comes to mind before the name.

When you implement video marketing for business, you can create awareness for your brand and your business.

People will recognize your company, your logo, and your ideas.

But it gets better.

When you start video marketing for business, people will also be more likely to remember your brand down the road.

According to HubSpot, 43% of people said that branded video content was most memorable to them.

This means that video marketing for business doesn't just grow brand awareness: it makes your brand memorable.

Think about it for a second. How many logo's can you visualise in your mind right now when we list the world's most favourite and trusted brands.

  1. Apple
  2. Google
  3. Microsoft
  4. Facebook
  5. Amazon
  6. Coca-Cola
  7. Samsung
  8. Disney
  9. Toyota
  10. McDonalds

Chances are you could visualise most of them, if not all of them.

Whether you "love'em" or "hate'em", one thing for sure, is that when you see their logo, you immediately know who they are and what they represent.

Logo reveals are also found at the beginning of professional Hollywood movies where a fancy logo is swished across the screen with tantalizing sound effects. These used to only be seen on movies and videos produced by studios with large budgets. However new markets have opened that allow even novices to create fancy logo reveals.

The long proven method to instil a vivid memory is through visualisation, rhythm and repetition.

The top companies above know this and that is why they always provide strong visualisation effects to their logo and surrounding media - it's why there is always catchy music or other easily recognisable sounds behind them and why they constantly and repeatedly put them in front of us.

It's also why, when you see or hear passages like "Oh, what a feeling!" or "Do you want fries with that?", you know exactly what brand they are associated with.

Therefore, with millions of new videos showing up daily it's getting more difficult to stand out and get discovered on the net.

The odd thing is, that very few small businesses use them even though most can be created very quickly. Those who give video a go often give up after the first try or two believing it doesn't work for them.

One problem is that many people stop watching video clips after the first 10-20 seconds of viewing, merely because the presentation is not attention grabbing or polished.

Additionally, every day there are a lot of brands looking to refresh themselves and give their video content even a greater edge over their competition.

Is that competition you? If so, then, nothing cuts through better than a fantastic looking logo reveal as found below on this page.

The short videos displayed below have been professionally created and have been proven to work. They are great as either start or end peices, or both, to your advertising or instructional videos.

They will increase your follow through rate, by showing your viewers that you're serious about your videos with the right video intro or logo animation.

In fact, any video you create will benefit from the branding and professional touch that they add.

Don't see anything that immediately grabs you for your business? No worries there either. Just talk to us via eMail or FB Messenger, as we have literally hundreds more in stock that we are not able to display here.

Plus, if you are looking for a more 'personal and lifelike' use of your logo, please be sure to check out our industry specific Live Action Logo Mock-up page.

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